Wednesday, December 7

Mario Kart 9 in development? Another source says that Nintendo could show it this year

A new source has confirmed that Nintendo will be preparing a new Mario Kart para Switch. Already in May of last year rumors came to light about a possible new game in the franchise that would be launched at the end of last year or at the beginning of this, and now an analyst from the video game industry has pointed in that direction again: This is Dr. Serkan Toto, a specialist who works from Tokyo, Japan, and who ensures that the company has a Mario Kart 9 in “active development”.

This person also assures that the new game in the series Mario Kart reach “with a new twist”, a new mechanic that would add some novelty to the traditional formula, something that is usually common in games of karts from Mario: in Mario Kart: Double Dash the possibility of competing with two drivers in the same vehicle was introduced, in Mario Kart Wii motion control was incorporated, in Mario Kart 7 hang gliders arrived and in Mario Kart 8 antigravity sections.

Nintendo may announce it this year

Thus, we are not surprised that this assumption Mario Kart 9, or whatever the next installment of the franchise ends up being called, it also has an additional mechanics that we have not seen in previous installments. In any case this are just speculation, although the analyst assures that we could soon leave doubts: as he explains, the game is in an advanced stage of development and could be announced this year, something that partly coincides with the information published in May of last year.

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It is true that many people believe that the next Mario Kart It might come later than we expect considering the commercial success you are assuming Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the Nintendo Switch version of the original WiiU, which is consistently among the best sellers in virtually every market. In fact a few months ago we learned that this delivery has already sold 38.74 million copies since its launch in April 2017, becoming the best-selling of the series.

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