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League of Legends presents its new champion Zeri: Trailer, abilities and more details

Yesterday we told you that Riot Games had mistakenly announced the new champion of League of Legends accidentally publishing his file on the official website, but today the company has offered an official presentation of Zeri, the Spark of Zaun, the new character to join the squad of the MOBA from the give it 12.2. Riot Games has shared a trailer for the champion and a list of her moves in the game.

What are the abilities of Zeri, the new champion of League of Legends?

Zeri is a champion with electrical skills, as we can see in the trailer available on these lines, and that translates into both a lethal power in combat and an agility of movement that makes her a nimble character, even capable of jumping walls of the map. In fact his passive It grants him movement speed each time he receives a shield, and when he deals damage to an enemy shield he is able to absorb its energy and receive one in return.

In addition to the passive, Riot Games has also shared the Zeri’s skill list on the official page of League of Legends. You can see it below:

  • Q – Explosive fire: fires seven times, dealing physical damage to the first enemy hit, though its basic attacks also deal magic damage.
  • W – Ultradescarga lser: fires an electric pulse that slows and deals damage to the first enemy hit.
  • E – Voltage surge: he glides a short distance and boosts his next three shots of Explosive Fire, as well as jumping or sliding over any terrain obstacle.
  • R – Lightning Shock: Releases a nova of electricity, dealing damage to nearby enemies and overcharging them for a moderate period of time.

At the level of lore, Riot Games define to Zeri as “a headstrong and lively young working class Zaun” capable of channeling her “electrical magic to charge herself and her custom weapon.” The motto of this new champion is that “if you stand up for your community, your community will fight by your side.” In addition to her standard attire, today the skin alternative ‘Zeri withered rose’. You can see both in the gallery available under these lines.

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