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John Goodman Says Righteous Gemstones Script Was Too Good To Pass Up

Actor John Goodman praises the script for The Righteous Gemstones while reflecting on how it came at the perfect time in his career.

John Goodman revealed that he accepted his role in The fair gemstones because it was too good to pass up. HBO’s dark comedy initially debuted in August 2019 and stars Goodman as Eli Gemstone, a wealthy evangelist whose ministry has been corrupted by his family, played by Danny McBride, Edi Patterson, Adam Devine and Walton Goggins. The series was created by McBride and David Gordon Green, who also created To the east and down Y Deputy Directors for HBO. The Fair gemstones received a positive reception from critics. At 75% on Rotten Tomatoes, critics have praised The fair gemstones for his humor, representations, and comments on the corporatization of the church.

When the first season ended, the Gemstone family was failing. The dark secrets returned to haunt the Gemstone children, leaving the ministry in shambles and forcing Goodman’s Eli Gemstone to rethink how he had done the ministry. The fair gemstones Season 2 will debut on January 9 and the trailer shows that the Gemstone family have learned nothing from their previous sins and will continue to find ways to earn money through their ministry.

With season 2 of The fair gemstones Released on January 9, the stars of the series have begun promoting the series through interviews and trailers. In an interview with THAT ONEJohn Goodman said the offer to play Eli Goodman came at a perfect time. Here’s what Goodman had to say about that tumultuous time and the saving grace that was The fair gemstones.

“I was on a sitcom that closed about two days before I got Danny’s offer. So I had nothing better to do. But the script was so good that it was not thought, you have to do it ”.

The sitcom Goodman refers to is the Roseanne Renaissance. While the show received a warm reception from critics, ABC quickly canceled it when the show’s star Roseanne Barr was fired from the series for inflammatory tweets. However, instead of completely canceling the show, ABC chose to bring it back as Los Conners. Still, when McBride offered Goodman the role, presumably at the time all of this was happening, it seems like an offer he couldn’t pass up.

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The fair gemstones’ the accolades are well deserved from both the cast and critics. Goodman’s apparent love for the series doesn’t seem to stem from the need for a paycheck, but rather from a love for the story. On top of that, although his initial show may have been canceled, Goodman has a well-established career starring in movies like Barton Fink Y The big lebowski. While Goodman continued to star in Los Conners, had it not been for that brief window of uncertainty, Eli Gemstone might have been a totally different character, and with The fair gemstones Season 3 already renewed, it seems that Eli Gemstone will be available for a while. The Gemstone family will return for season 2 of The fair gemstones when it premieres on HBO on January 9.

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