Saturday, November 26

GTA Online player revolutionizes the networks thanks to an impressive sniper shot

Grand Theft Auto Online It has a large community of players thanks to the constant addition of new content, events and missions. Taking into account that there are thousands of users who perform all kinds of crazy things on their servers, it is not surprising that from time to time we see some of the most spectacular plays like the one we bring you today. As reported by a Reddit post (goes Game Rant), a recurring player of GTA Online Has got eliminate a player using a sniper in rather difficult conditions, since he was in a moving helicopter at a considerable distance from the target.

Regarding the video that we attach, it is worth highlighting some remarkable details. The first one is that this incredible clip was done more than two years ago and it has not been published until just four days ago by its same creator, who continues to surprise with its tip. As some users have pointed out in response to the original post, this clip is quite a feat considering several factors such as the first person mode or that the shot was fired from the back of a cargo helicopter, in addition to the fact that the shot was accurate, clean and ends with the empty magazine flying through the air.

Other details that we can extract from the play

Other minor details that make the video even more spectacular are, for example, that the player does not appear to be using assist to aim according to some users. In addition, the encounter with the player who was killed was the result of the most unfortunate of coincidences: the user who took the shot was observing the field of play with a normal rifle without a sight until he exchanged it for a rifle with a multi-sight scope. increases and, coincidentally, saw the user’s name.

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