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Genshin Impact: What are key stamps and where can I find them?

If you have traveled to Enkanomiya with Impacto de Genshin Massive update 2.4, you will have come across a mysterious new collectible amongst the ruins. key sigils They’re a new addition to the game with this update, bringing a unique new twist to your typical scavenger hunt adventure.

But what are key stamps really and where can you find them? To help answer these two questions, we’ve created this quick guide to walk you through everything you need to know about collectibles.

Genshin Impact: What Are Key Seals?

The Key Stamps are a new collectible found in Enkanomiya exclusively and come in five different shapes, each of which matches a specific character from the ancient Enkanomiya alphabet. They are hidden throughout the map, with 59 in total up for grabs.

These key stamps are used to unlock certain treasures located around the map, which you can detect by keeping an eye on the glowing blue glyphs that match the symbols on the key stamps. When you find one of these glyphs, you will need to have a key stamp of the corresponding symbol to unlock it.

You’ll know you’re close to a key stamp, as they’ll appear as a single marker on your minimap, like a white diamond surrounding a square. Naturally, you will come across many of the key stamps as you progress through the story, but actually collecting them all is an entirely different fight.

Genshin Impact: Where Are All The Key Seals?

To help you track down those last key stamps, we have flagged maps showing all the key stamp locations in this section. We’ve divided them into each distinct area in Enaknomiya, so you can go through and comb through each one to find any that have been missed.

It’s worth noting that you should wait until you’ve completed the Enkanomiya World Main Quest before embarking on your quest for Sigil, as many are blocked by mechanics or other quests that you don’t immediately have access to.

The key hallmarks of Narrows

For The Narrows, it’s worth noting that two seals located near the central ruins are inaccessible until you’ve advanced further into the region. You’ll collect one while hunting Fragments as part of the main quest, while the other requires you to complete the Dragon and Snake Collection world quest.

Dainichi Mikoshi’s Key Seal

These are all easy to collect – just travel around the island once you’ve reached the top of Dainichi Mikoshi and destroyed the barrier protecting him in the main story mission. If you’re like me trying to climb the side of the island when you first arrive from The Narrows, this barrier will turn you away, so be patient!

The seals of the key to the serpent’s heart

This island is pretty straightforward, and you can make the trip across the island and collect all the key stamps as soon as you arrive if you’re up to it! Having said that, you will be coming back here a lot in the future so there really is no rush.

Overnight temple key seals

The vast majority of these stamps are out in the open world for you to collect. The only exception is the Sigil in the northeast of the island, which requires you to complete Date’s challenge world mission to complete it. Save this one until you’re done with the main quest, then prepare your hat to solve puzzles.

Sigils of the Kunado Locus Key

This island is off limits until you accept the quest from the secret world of Erebos. To resume that mission, return to the Heart of the Serpent while the Dainichi Mikoshi is off and speak to the shadow of Erebos next to the ruins to the northwest of the island. (again, a guide for this was also written – will be linked later).

Sigils of Yachimatahiko’s Place Key

Like the previous entry, you must have picked up the quest for the secret world of Erebos to venture here. Once you do it, it’s a simple task to run to the two key seals and snatch them away.

Yachimatahime’s Place Key Stamps

You already know the exercise! Go to the heart of the serpent and collect the secret of Erebos to get here. While you’re here for that mission, be sure to collect the two key stamps marked above!

Key Seals of the Hidden Island

The hidden island is strange. No matter what you do, it won’t appear on the map even when you land there. As such, it is a little surprise located in the ocean around Enkanomiya.

To get there, head to the small island east of The Narrows and hike to the highest point. There you will find a water gate, which you can jump to to traverse all the way to the island.

Once there, the two sigils are along the path laid out in front of you. Note that you can only collect them once you can turn off the lights at Enkanomiya, so wait until you can before heading out.

That concludes the Enkanomiya Key Sigil guide! For more articles on Genshin Impact, check out our builds for Shenhe and Yun Jin. In other news, Yae Miko’s game has been leaked online for our viewing pleasure!

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