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Father promotes his daughter’s YouTube channel in the subway and goes viral | Levelup

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There is no doubt that more and more young people want to be famous youtubers. However, that dream becomes more difficult as the days go by; With thousands of users aspiring to the same goal, standing out is complex and, in many cases, impossible. Faced with this discouraging situation, a father of a family managed to get thousands of subscribers for his daughter thanks to a beautiful gesture.

This week, a Twitter user shared an image of a poster she found in the Santiago de Chile metro. On the sign we can read the message of a father who urges citizens to visit the YouTube channel MYDXD, which belongs to him and his daughter.

“Hello! I hope you are well. I tell you, my daughter wants to be a youtuber and I want to support as it takes. We upload videos playing different entertaining games. For now we only have 4 videos and 34 subscribers. She taught me how to edit. We will be very happy and grateful if you subscribe, comment, like and share. I’m just a father who wants to see his daughter happy, ”reads the poster.

YouTube channel MYDXD earns thousands of subscribers

The Twitter user’s post immediately went viral, with the YouTube channel quickly gaining thousands of followers. Specifically, it went from having 34 subscribers to 15,100 in a matter of days.

After its sudden increase in popularity, the young woman and her father uploaded a video to the channel where they thanked for the 1,000 subscribers, a figure that they already far exceeded. Likewise, they thanked them for all the support they received and invited the followers to enjoy the videos.

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Without a doubt, the genuine interest of a family man to help his daughter fulfill her dream is what managed to win the hearts of thousands of people. It will be interesting to discover how the channel of this young woman and her father evolves.

But tell us, what do you think of the father’s gesture? Do you know of a similar case? Let us read you in the comments.

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