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Fan Create LEGO Sets for PS5 and Xbox Series X; could be real if you support them | Levelup

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LEGO is no stranger to the world of video games. With sets of Super Mario Bros. Y Sonic The Hedgehog the company has shown that iconic franchises can be very well adapted to construction sets. But what about next-gen consoles? Can they adapt just as well? One user proved yes.

BrickinNickLEGOS enthusiast and set creator set to work designing a couple of LEGO sets based on PlayStation 5 Y Xbox Series X. These are construction sets that took over 110 hours to design, but resulted in great recreations of both next-gen consoles.

The most striking thing about the sets is that they are full of attention to detail. For example, both consoles are accompanied by their controls and the Xbox controller even has room for batteries. To this must be added that the consoles can be opened to store other LEGO sets.

You can check out the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X LEGOs below:

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Sets could come true

An important point is that Nick uploaded his sets to LEGO Ideas. In case you didn’t know, this is a page where the community uploads their creations, and those that get enough support from the community could be turned into real sets. That’s as long as LEGO believes these are commercially viable projects and licenses the products.

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For LEGO to make these sets a reality would not be far fetched. First of all, because there was already a LEGO from the NES that turned out to be a real success. Also, PlayStation and Xbox have shown that they are willing to license their brands for great products.

Now, that also doesn’t mean it’s practically a given that these sets will come true. After all, there are different obstacles that could make them unviable products.

We will be on the lookout and inform you if any of these LEGO sets come true.

What did you think of these LEGO sets? Are you interested in any of the 2 coming true? Tell us in the comments.

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