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Everything you need to know about EGOLAND 2: rules, streamers, dates, teams …

EGOLAND 2 is back and all the details regarding the first series of 2022 are already known. 2021 began in the same way, with the first edition, and ended up being the most successful year for the national scene of streamers. These 12 months promise and what better way to return to the routine than with Ibai Llanos, TheGrefg, Rubius, AuronPlay, Ibai Llanos, IlloJuan, ElXokas, Cristinini …

  • All EGOLAND teams from day 1

The Rust wipe will last almost the entire month of January and the piques have already been placed on the table or, rather, on social networks.. Nobody wants to miss EGOLAND 2, to the point that aLexBY11 announced 11 new names for the series (such as Kiko Rivera, Carola, Papi Gavi or RickyEdit), who joined those presented at first.

Complete list of guests and streamers to EGOLAND 2

Any series of streamers is an idyllic opportunity for the protagonists to create content at large, together with great influencers on the international scene. The initial roster for aLexBY11 grew to 48 names, with top agents including such as Ibai Llanos, TheGrefg, Rubius, AuronPlay, Cristinini, Mayichi, ElXokas, IlloJuan, Fargan, Perxitaa, Reven, Barbe …

EGOLAND 2 Official Rules and Regulations

We have the game, we have the participants and the entertainment is assured but … how to work? Rust el is the video game of betrayals, in many situations even more so than Among Us, and choosing a wrong side can lead the user to lose everything. But nevertheless, To avoid the imbalance between the streamers, the organizers have thought of several rules.

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Here we make a small compendium of the main rules of EGOLAND 2. Most of them are used so that users can recover from a bad streak, as well as to avoid repeated harassment on the same team:

– The groups (or teams) will be formed by a maximum of five streamers.

Alliances between groups are not accepted, not even spontaneously when raiding.

Metagaming (using outside information to gain an advantage in-game) is strictly prohibited and will be severely penalized.

– The griffeo (defined by the organizers as destroying another user’s wardrobe after raiding or conquering someone else’s land) is canceled.

Continued harassment of the same person is prohibited or team.

Maximum of eight hours a day by streamer.

When does EGOLAND 2 start? Start date and time

We already have it here! Barely a week has passed in 2022 and the community was already waiting for the start of the first series of the year, which arrives with renewed energy and a whole year to blow up. The start of EGOLAND will take place at 19:00 CET (Spanish peninsular time) on Friday, January 7, 2022.

It has also been known that the entire EGOLAND 2 will develop in a single wipe, the duration of which will be up to 28 days. It will be plenty of time for the streamers to interact with each other and leave us the funniest clips. The function, therefore, is expected to close around February 3.

The main teams in EGOLAND 2

“The goal this year is to be more psychopaths, kill more people and do evil. Train my team for it. Just one more thing … Death to traitors.”TheGrefg said when introducing his EGOLAND 2 team on social networks, a series in which they will have the collaboration of Ampeter, Robleis, Vicens and AlphaSniper.

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Another illustrious team is that of Ibai Llanos, who will develop his Rust wipe together with content creators such as aXoZer, Luzu, BarbeQ and Karchez.. The organizers, under the leadership of aLexBY11 and Rubius, have aligned themselves with Tarifa, sTaXx and Aroyitt. However, one of the most feared groups is the one formed by Silithur, Minus Thirteen, SrSerptiente, Carola and NONEtheGHOST.

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