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Dr Disrespect Says Mixer Would Still Exist If Hired | Levelup

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Mixer was a streaming platform that tried to compete against Facebook Gaming, YouTube, and Twitch. Sadly, it never got off the ground and closed its doors in 2020 after failing to meet Microsoft’s expectations. While there are many reasons that could have led to his failure, controversial streamer Dr Disrespect believes that he and his followers could have made a difference.

During a live broadcast on January 5, Herschel Beahm IV, better known on social media as Dr Disrespect, talked about how Mixer failed despite many similarities to Twitch and hiring 2 of the world’s most popular content creators. : Ninja and Shroud.

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Dr Disrespect went on and claimed that the Microsoft platform approached him with an offer, but he declined. Immediately afterwards, he declared with a lot of confidence that, if he had accepted the deal that he was offered a few years ago, Mixer would still exist.

As expected, these statements generated all kinds of comments on social networks. Of course, many users believe that Dr Disrespect exaggerated with his thoughts and consider that neither he nor his followers would have made a difference.

Why did Mixer fail?

The fall of Mixer is a complex issue and to this day the reasons why users were not interested in the platform is not known with certainty. In July 2020, a report emerged stating that the project was a failure due to bad investments and a toxic work environment.

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For his part, the streamer Ninja considers that the Microsoft platform had a lot of potential, but it failed due to certain design decisions and the slowness with which the teams responsible for the service operated.

But tell us, do you think Dr Disrespect was able to save Mixer? Let us read you in the comments.

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