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Brutal! Switch sold 5 times what the rest of the consoles in Japan during 2021 | Levelup

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Who wants a new Nintendo console when the Switch continues to sell like hotcakes and heads into one of its best years in terms of releases? The reality is that Nintendo’s hybrid system continues to enjoy the greatest of successes and 2021 was no exception. Now that 2021 is behind, the commercial balance begins to be made public and as for the Japanese console there are nothing but impressive results.

Switch and the other consoles, that’s how things in Japan

According to information from Famitsu and shared by, the Nintendo Switch sold 5.3 million units in Japan during 2021, a figure that endorsed the success of the console and the dominance it has had in that market since its launch. According to the commercial registry, these millions of Switches sold in Japan alone represent the total sales of the Standard, Lite and OLED models from December 20, 2020 to December 19, 2021.

On the other hand, the 5.3 million Switches sold in Japan during 2021 have given rise to talk as they far exceeded the total sales of PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and 3DS, which together totaled 1.1 million units sold the year last.

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Nintendo competes against itself in Japan

Now, far from the top of the Switch, the PlayStation 5 was the second best-selling console in Japan during 2021 with 942,798 units, followed by the PS4 that sold 103,786 units. Then there’s Xbox Series X | S with 95,598 units sold and the immortal 3DS with 28,224.

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The result obtained by Switch in Japan is impressive because initially it exceeds 5.1 million units sold in 2020 and later because Nintendo broke its own brand without having a flagship game in the market of the size it had Animal Crossing: New Horizons in 2020.

So, there is no doubt that we are facing one of the milestones in the history of consoles and again, Nintendo is breaking it.

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