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BioWare: Mass Effect and Dragon Age Make Incredible Progress | Levelup

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BioWare’s big stumble with Mass Effect: Andromeda and what came next represented the most important crisis in the history of the company, in fact at some point it was thought that it was close to disappearing. However, things were not like that and those responsible for Mass Effect Y Dragon Age They are rising from the ashes, or so it seems, and the information coming from the inside indicates that the projects are on the right track.

Mass Effect Y Dragon Age they are in good hands

Through a post in the BioWare’s official blog, Gary MacKay, general manager of the company, shared an update on the status of the projects that are currently in place, that is, the new deliveries of Mass Effect Y Dragon Age, which have caused great expectations for what is shaping up as the great return of these franchises. Initially, the manager confirmed that the most recent art that was released from Mass Effect It contains a number of details hidden in plain sight, so it encouraged fans to search for them. He also confirmed that the new Dragon Age it will be single player and will only have “things that matter” to the community.

BioWare wants to recover what was lost: the confidence of the fans

On the other hand, the manager assured that both projects have incredible progress and pointed out that BioWare’s goal is to rebuild and regain the trust of the fans: “when I took on the role of general manager, I spoke about rebuilding our reputation , and that remains a high priority. We are focused on rebuilding the trust of our fans and the community, and we plan to do so by delivering the types of games we are best known for and ensuring they are of the highest quality. Our mission is create worlds of adventure, conflict and companionship that inspire you to become the hero of your story. We want our game launches to be seminal moments in the industry. We believe we have the right people, the right creative approach, and the support of EA to fulfill this promise. “

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