Wednesday, October 5

Battlefield 2042 is free to play on Xbox this weekend

Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One players can play for free this weekend at Battlefield 2042, the shooter futuristic setting by DICE and Electronic Arts. The title is one of the games included in the promotion Free Play Days, which allows subscribers to Xbox Live Gold (and therefore also for those who have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate) enjoy various titles until Sunday, January 9. We leave you the links to download the game below:

In addition, the game is limited time offer for Xbox Live Gold users. The version for Xbox One has a 33% discount, which leaves the price at 46,89 . The package intergenerational that includes both versions (Xbox Series and Xbox One) has a price reduction of 25%: it can be purchased for 59,99 . Also on sale are the Gold Edition (79.99) and the Ultimate Edition (99.59). We remind you that EA Play subscribers can play for free for 10 hours on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

Battlefield 2042 It is a compliant game that will be enjoyable for lovers of the saga but that needs more time to be able to exploit its full potential, which, to this day, is far from its best level “, we said in our analysis of the game. “Is it fun? S. Does it have good maps? S. Will I like it if I’m a fan of the series? S. Does it have bugs in its launch? missing content? S “.

The Sinking City Y Star Renegades they can also be played for free

The other two titles available in the Free Play Days promotion are The Sinking City Y Star Renegades. The first is a open world investigation adventure inspired by the universe of H. P. Lovecraft where you will have to solve cases in different ways trying to keep your sanity. The second is an adventure with futuristic setting pixel-art where will have to learn a system of turn-based combat dynamic in a title in which each game is different thanks to the procedurally generated missions.

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