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Uncharted: Tom Holland Says Finding the Right Director Was Very Stressful | Levelup

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The movie of Uncharted is just around the corner, an impressive achievement when you consider its rugged production. The project had a total of 6 directors, who came and went over the years. Now Tom Holland, an actor who plays Nathan Drake, has talked about how difficult that creative process was.

Speaking to Total Film magazine (via GamesRadar), the actor who gives life to Spider-Man in the MCU assured that some of the directors had ideas that were not to the liking of the production, this thanks to the fact that they did not fit with the characters.

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Holland went on and confessed that some filmmakers who stepped into the director’s chair wanted to do something very similar to games, while others looked the other way and went for something completely different. That process led to many different variations of Drake and Sully throughout production.

“It was an interesting process, one that I would not want to be in again. It’s quite stressful looking for a director, “acknowledged the 25-year-old British actor.

The Uncharted movie will bring something new without sacrificing the essence of the games

In 2020, Ruben Fleischer, who previously worked at Venom and the sequel to Zombieland, assumed the role of director in the film of Uncharted thanks to its relationship with Sony. Although we do not know if his work will meet the expectations of the fans, it seems that his ideas were to the liking of the actor and the rest of the production.

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In the talk, Tom Holland confirmed that they were inspired by all the directors who worked on the film. In this way, it seems that they reached a balance and decided to do something that is reminiscent of the games, but without trying to recreate them. In addition, director Ruben Fleischer stated in another interview that while they tried to take every possible element from the original works, in the end they wanted to bring something new.

That is why this movie by Uncharted it does not follow the story of any particular game, but we can see sequences inspired by the source material such as the impressive airplane sequence.

But tell us, do you think this film will live up to expectations? Let us read you in the comments.

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