Friday, September 30

Tragic news for Genshin Impact players, Ayato Kamisato is not a horse

If you’ve been looking Impacto de Genshin Twitter, you may have heard the news from an upcoming character, specifically Ayato, be a horse. Seriously, I mean, in a fantasy world with oni, talking birds, dragons, and Paimon, it certainly wouldn’t be too weird, right?

We regret to inform you that this leak is totally false, an exaggerated joke. In this article, we will analyze the origin of these hijinx and how it spread so quickly in the community.

Ayato’s horse escape originates when Twitter user Mushi shares a screenshot of the Wangshen Funeral Parlor discord, a popular hub for Genshin Impact leaks. In this screenshot, Discord user abc69 is asked for juicy information on Ayato Kamisato (a character we’ve seen mentioned in character stories but haven’t actually seen in-game). In response, they said that Ayato is a horse, a clear joke surely meant to elicit a few laughs and little else.

This joke was later captured and posted on Twitter by user Mushi (can be seen below). This account was created literally yesterday and has a history of tweets full of prank leaks. Despite the obviousness of a troll post like this, of course the community picked it up and circulated it online.

Over the next few hours this joke grew into a leak that some Genshin Impact users actually believed in. As a result, many of the biggest and most reputable leakers have come out to clarify that Ayato is, in fact, not a horse. .

It says a lot about the culture around the Genshin Impact leaks (and how spot on they are most of the time) that something like this can circulate and be taken for granted by a portion of the player base. As fun as it is to see those who are publicly purchasing this gag and the memes that have been created in response, it acts as a reminder of the importance of checking your sources. Otherwise, you could end up in an embarrassing situation as a result of a few walks.

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