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Tom Holland first played Uncharted on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming | Levelup

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Certainly, the production of the new film by Uncharted it was, to say the least, bumpy. We must remember that the first plans to bring the adventures of Nathan Drake to the big screen arose in 2008, a year after the launch of the first video game. However, the years passed and everything seemed to indicate that the project would never see the light of day.

Despite its turbulent start, the film gradually began to take shape and in 2017 it was confirmed that Tom Holland would be the one who would play the protagonist. Interestingly, the British actor had his first approach to the franchise just a year before his participation in the action film was confirmed.

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During Sony’s conference call at CES 2022, Tom Holland took to the stage alongside Tom Rothman, president of Sony Pictures’ motion picture division, to discuss the new film by Uncharted. There he confirmed that the first time he played the video game was during the filming of Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2016.

“One of the luxuries of making these movies is that they were made by Sony, and one of the luxuries of working for Sony is PlayStation. So all of the actor trailers were stocked with the best TVs and the latest PlayStation consoles, and one of the games they gave me was Uncharted”, Assured the actor.

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Tom Holland continued with his account and claims that in high-profile productions such as Spider-Man: Homecoming there are a lot of downtimes on set, so he took advantage of those break instances to play the titles of Uncharted in the company of his best friend.

“As soon as we started we couldn’t stop. I remember they tried to get me out of my trailer and I said: ‘No, no, no, we are about to complete this mission,’ “shared the interpreter.

Tom Holland claims the film maintains the essence of video games

At the event, the 25-year-old actor discussed various topics related to the film. At one point he explained that one of the goals was to bring Nathan Drake to life in a refreshing way, but without sacrificing the essence of video games. Therefore, it was decided to go for a younger version of the character.

Tom Holland reaffirms that video game fans will find something new and refreshing. He also spoke about the relationship between Nathan Drake and his mentor Sully, which, according to the actor, is the heart and soul of the film.

Finally, during the Sony conference at CES 2022 we witnessed a new clip that allowed us to see an exciting action scene from the film.

But tell us, do you think the film will meet expectations? Let us read you in the comments.

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