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TikTok is you? Twitter prepares short video response system | Levelup

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Twitter knows very well that in the Internet world you cannot remain static and that the lack of evolution can end in the worst. For this reason, it seems that in their offices they are always thinking of new ideas. Some may prove to be failures, while others succeed.

Now, the new idea of ​​Twitter is to launch a feature that allows you to record TikTok-style video responses. Its name is Tweet Take, and it can be defined as a video reaction that is shared with a tweet in quotation format.

The feature is being tested on iOS and it works like this: a user sees a tweet they want to reply to and presses the Retweet button. Then you choose the option to Quote the Tweet with a reaction and then you can respond with a video or a photo that has the tweet to which they respond integrated.

All the videos and photos that are part of the Tweet Takes will appear in the main timeline, just like any other tweet would. Of course, it is still not entirely clear what will be the format in which the video appears within the application.

It will certainly be interesting to see how Tweet Takes evolve and see if they have any kind of impact. Recall that Twitter recently implemented its own class of stories called Fleets, but they were a resounding failure.

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What did you think of this idea? Do you think he becomes popular or suffers the same fate as the Fleets? Tell us in the comments.

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