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“There are many for sale”, Logan Paul defends himself for ruining Game Boy collection | Levelup

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Logan Paul is in the sights of collectors of retro games and consoles, as he recently unveiled a project where he used 15 custom Game Boy Colors to make a table. The youtuber encased them in epoxy resin to create a decorative furniture themed of Pokémon, franchise of which he is a fan.

Criticism rained down on him on social networks, as he was pointed out for ruining an incredible collection of portable consoles, which were completely unusable after the process. Some fans of Pokémon They were also disappointed with his idea, believing that he could have done another type of project to demonstrate his passion for pocket monsters.

The youtuber was not indifferent to the criticisms, so he responded to some of them during a recent video. Paul defended himself against the accusations and, at the same time, generated a little more controversy about consoles, nostalgia and preservation.

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Logan Paul answered criticism for his project of Pokémon y Game Boy

Paul explained that it took 3 months and about $ 1000 USD to complete his themed table of Pokémon, where you can see 15 Game Boy Color with special designs from the franchise. He said he did it during his quarantine when he had a little free time and wanted to relax.

He also explained that it was a project to demonstrate his passion for the franchise and his love for the Nintendo laptop. He revealed that from time to time he still plays on his Game Boy Color and enjoys the first titles of the series, so he believes that many of the criticisms he received are “ridiculous.”

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“There was a bunch of retro gamers who were extremely unhappy that I got 15 Game Boys that cost me around $ 1,000 and put them in resin because they felt like I was wasting Game Boys and disrespecting nostalgia,” Paul said.

He also says that he received comments related to the shortage and the increase in cost of the Game Boy. Collectors criticized him for using so many consoles on such a project and ruining them in the process. Paul responded and told them that there is no shortage, as there are many in sales on eBay.

Go to eBay right now. It’s $ 60 USD. More than 90 million of them were made, they are not rare and I love them. These mean something to me. I did something that I thought was really cool, but how can I keep making mistakes? It is a simulation, without a doubt, because it is the most ridiculous reaction we have seen in our lives, “said the youtuber.

Finally, Paul said that this year he will do everything possible to be friendlier and better understand the criticism he continually receives on social media.

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