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The remake of The Last of Us could have shown its first image, will it arrive in 2022?

During Sony’s press release during CES 2022, the event where he shared details of the new PlayStation VR 2 for PS5 and announced Horizon Call of the Mountain, could have been shared what will be the first image of the rumored remake from The Last of Us. Several people, such as journalist Tom Henderson, have noticed that among some of the renders that appeared on the big screen during the gala, you could see Joel and Ellie as they appeared in the first game of the saga, but with an improved appearance.

Stopping the video at the right moment we can see that, indeed, Joel y Ellie they appeared briefly during the presentation of CES 2022; this modeling appears to be neither the original nor the one we saw in the multiples flashbacks from The Last of Us 2. This leads us to think that it could be the these two iconic characters will look like in the supposed remake that Naughty Dog will be preparing from the first installment, released in 2013 for PS3 and remastered a year later for PS4.

When will the remake from The Last of Us for PS5?

The first information about this assumption remake came to light in April of last year, when journalist Jason Schreier published an article in Bloomberg uncovering the project. At that time it was explained that the development of this new version of the game started by Visual Arts Service Group, a studio created in 2007 to collaborate with the development of internal games, but which posteriormente pas a Naughty Dog and it could be one of the many video game projects they have in hand.

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Needless to say, neither Sony nor Naughty Dog have officially confirmed the existence of this remake, but I do know that he seems to have hinted at some job offer. Many journalists e insiders take for granted that it is something that will happen sooner or later, and in fact they dare to give an estimated release date: according to Tom Henderson himself, the remake from The Last of Us It will be almost finished and it will be able to arrive at PS5 in the second half of 2022.

Other information from this journalist indicates that this updated version could come out together with the expected multiplayer of The Last of Us 2 already a supposed edicin Director’s Cut of the second game like the one that games like Death Stranding The Ghost of Tsushima. In this way, Henderson points out, Sony could save the space that will remain in 2022 if it finally God of War: Ragnarok He’s delayed until next year, though he admits that the latter is guesswork. It also points to a possible release near the premiere of the series The Last of Us for HBO, which has not finished filming yet.

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