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The Pope started the year by watching a circus actor with music from Undertale | Levelup

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2021 was a strange year, but no one said that 2022 would be more normal. We have the proof that we started by writing a story with a prayer that we never thought of writing: Pope Francis was a spectator of a circus act set to music with a song by Undertale.

Yes, you read that correctly and no, you are not dreaming. As reported The Gamer, Pope Francis began the year by watching a group perform a circus act that was performed to the rhythm of Megalovania, one of the most popular songs tobyfox wrote for Undertale.

But why did all this happen? The first thing you should know is that every week the Pope celebrates an event with groups of believers. There the highest representative of the Catholic Church sends blessings in several languages ​​and, on occasions, has guests who perform acts to entertain the audience.

The events that take place in front of the Pope offer a bit of everything. On this occasion he played something that surprised the gamer world and it was a group of circus experts who did a routine of juggling, unicycle and baton. A work that, without being the most surprising thing in the world, stands out for being made with love and dedication, in addition to using the song from a famous video game.

You can see the act below:

Although it may be hard to believe, the reality is that this event is the second chapter in the public history of Pope Francis and Undertale. We say it since in 2016 the youtuber known as MatPat gave him a copy of the tobyfox game. We don’t know if he ever played it, but we love to imagine that he did.

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What do you think about this new? Did you ever imagine that we would start the year like this? Tell us in the comments.

Undertale is available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Follow this link to see more news related to this indie RPG.

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