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The law fell! Over 40 Money Laundering-Related Streamers Arrested | Levelup

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We would be surprised if we could see a real map with all money laundering operations and the sectors in which this illegal activity takes place. The entertainment world is no stranger to it and it was a matter of time before someone took advantage of the success of the streams to make their own, however, the law has already fallen for those who did it and now they are in serious trouble.

No more streaming for those involved in a money laundering network

According to information from Tarreo, Turkish authorities carried out an operation in 11 provinces that resulted in the arrest of more than 40 Twitch streamers who were part of a money laundering ring. The case was made public in November 2021 and referred to the operation of a group of at least 10 streamers from VALORANT on Twitch who inexplicably received large donations of money despite not having an audience and fame to justify those amounts.

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In the end, it turned out that there were many more than 10 streamers involved as the money laundering network operated through stolen or cloned credit cards. Criminals obtained the plastic and security numbers, then made donations to these streamers, who withdrew the money and deposited between 50% and 70% of the proceeds to third-party accounts. As you can see, his modus operandi it was closely guarded by the Turkish authorities, who quickly gathered enough evidence to proceed against those involved.

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It is worth mentioning that since the investigation began, RIOT Games reported that the streamers and players involved in this case would be immediately expelled from VALORANT.

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