Saturday, November 26

Stewart Gilray, founder of Just Add Water, has passed away at age 51

Stewart Gilray, jundador y CEO de Just Add Water, has passed away at age 51 after entering the hospital infected with COVID-19 a week ago. He had been working in the video game industry since the 1980s, and has been through Psygnosis ever since (Wypeout 2097 Y Lemmings), Bullfrog (Theme Hospital), Core Design (Tomb Raider) and Argonaut Software (programming Star Fox).

A 2006 fund Just Add Water, a company known mostly for its work with the saga Oddworld, but he has also worked giving technical support in a good amount of third-party video games, collaborating with companies such as Codemasters, Rebellion and Bossa.

The industry says goodbye to Stewart Gilray

Colleagues and members of the industry have wanted to say goodbye to him publicly, mourning his loss and remembering him as a person loved by those who know him. “Heartbroken and completely devastated to have lost my beloved friend Stewart Gilray,” I wrote Shahid Kamal Ahmad, industry veteran and current coach of PS Talents Spain, on your personal Twitter account, releasing the news publicly.

Following that photo shared by Kamal, Ben AndacA former producer at PlayStation, he also wanted to publicly show his condolences: “Stew was a fun and loving person, he was always fun to talk to,” he said in a tweet.

Mike Bithell, creator of Thomas Was Alone, has also added condolences on his personal Twitter account: “Shit, Stewart Gilray was a nice guy and a mentor, I was really happy when we finally got the chance to work together on Volume: Tail. An old guard who always had time for the new ones who needed it, “he wrote before pointing out angrily how young Gilray has died.

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