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Stage 5 of the Dakar Rally, live

La stage 5 of the 2022 Dakar Rally It is a loop around Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. The peculiarity is that motorcycles and cars take different paths. This will make it more difficult for four-wheelers to navigate. Al-Attiyah open and you can suffer it. On both wheels, Barreda, to minimize damage by being the spearhead.

6:29: Santolino, good

Lorenzo reaches the first crossing point, at km 41, and does so 14 seconds behind the best, which is Luciano Benavides, for now. The Argentine better in just two seconds to Barreda, who is going strong opening

6:26: Roads at the beginning of the route

The start of the special in cars is on dirt and rocky roads. They can go very fast, as seen in the video with Serradori

6:25: Sale Nani Roma, reenganchado

Nani suffered a great deal yesterday: accident, failure … and abandonment. They have let him re-engage due to the WRC2 regulations applied this year. He leaves in 17th place. Just to make the BRX Hunter miles and help Loeb. A shame

6:17: Quintanilla does not cut Barreda

On motorcycles, the first reference for Quintanilla and at km 40 he is 14 seconds from Barreda. And that Joan opens. It paints well for Torreblanca

6:15: Sainz, as Loeb

Carlos reaches km 41 in cars and does not set the best time. Local Saidan does it. The Spaniard is 6 seconds away, one second better than Loeb. Therefore, Carlos puts 57 seconds on Al-Attiyah. Good start for the two-time world rally champion and three-time Dakar winner

6:14: Barreda, already in the first ‘waypoint’

Joan reaches km 41 of the motorcycle special. To see the references. So far, it was not lost. Good sign

6:13: Loeb already gives Al-Attiyah a minute

Both pass through the first crossing point in cars, at km 40, and the French endorses 56 seconds to Qatar. For something I did not want to open track Nasser

6:07: This is how Sainz was preparing

Adjusting everything to leave Sainz and Lucas Cruz. Video goes ASO

6:01: Separated

This is what the organization says: Is it the first time in the history of the Dakar that cars and motorcycles take totally different paths? It has happened many times that there have been different special stages for safety reasons, but never the stages as a whole. This will especially allow cars (T3 / T3 / T5) to get to the bivouac earlier.

5:58: Overlooking the capital

Take off the helicopter. From Riyadh

5:55 am: Santolino leaves

Lorenzo is surprising … some. He already gave plenty of quality samples in the past, where bad luck didn’t help either. That he is standing up and even fighting to win with a modest Sherco against KTM and Honda, who have the Dakar as one of their great challenges of the year, is spectacular


Madrid comes out. He already said yesterday that the only objective he has left is to win as much as possible. That’s what he’s going for, a new stage win. And to roll the Audi …

5:47: Barreda and Al-Attiyah exit

Time to open a track on motorcycles and cars. It gives important. Nasser knows it, although if he gets lost today, Loeb and Sainz will come up behind him and he can follow them.

5:32: Departure times

Joan Barreda leaves at 5:45 a.m., being the first on motorcycles, followed, after three minutes, by Quintanilla, Rui Gonalves, Santolino, Luciano Benavides, Sunderland leader … In cars, they also start earlier, at the same time. , 5:45 a.m., with Al-Attiyah opening the track, although he did not want to, followed by Loeb and Carlos Sainz.

Welcome to the stage 5 of the 2022 Dakar Rally. It is a loop in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, the country in which this year’s edition is fully developed. It is a special with 346 km to which must be added a link of 214 kilometers. The organization is already advancing a change of terrain. In theory, the start of the special has a lot of dirt and stones, so you have to be careful with punctures. For the end there are the dunes. Even the race managers warn that big differences can be made in the final section. Al-Attiyah in cars and Sunderland in motorcycles they defend leadership. Carlos Sainz He’s in a good position to attack the stage win. On motorcycles, Joan Barreda open track. Today the two wheels and the four have different paths, which makes it difficult for cars to navigate.


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