Friday, December 9

Square Enix prepares another PS5 exclusive Final Fantasy according to a leak

Square Enix has another set of Final Fantasy exclusive to PlayStation 5, according to Jordan Middler from Video Games Chronicles. The journalist assures that Sony and the Japanese part of Square will continue to have a very close relationship throughout the generation, which will lead to the Square titles developed by their Japanese studios being released with a temporary exclusive on PS5, reaching later to PC.

Middler has shared the terse and vague information on the forum ResetEra In addition to a conversation about the arrival of the subscription service Ubisoft + to Xbox. “It’s interesting to see Ubisoft increasingly align with Xbox this generation as Square is firmly on the Sony wing, even beyond what is publicly known […] This is turning into a very exciting generation. “

The journalist gives few details of this assumption Final Fantasy not announced for PlayStation 5, arguing that he does not say more because he does not want to lose his job. S says to be surprised they didn’t announce it at The Game Awards 2021, although he anticipates that they will present it soon. In addition, he assures that it is not a virtual reality game (this Wednesday we met the technical specifications of PlayStation VR2).

Xbox will run out of Final Fantasy main

Thus, those titles of the saga Final Fantasy They’ll stay out of Xbox consoles, Middler muses. “The Most Square stuff will be on Xbox, but I will not hope with Final Fantasy unless something changes “, says the journalist. This is not the case of the computer versions:” Square is willing to take it all to pc, even if the adaptations are not good. [Son] temporary exclusives “.

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Asked about the collaboration between Crystal Dynamics (owned by Square Enix) and The Initiative in the development of Perfect Dark, the reporter argues that despite the same company, the Square Enix that deals with the saga Final Fantasy and related projects, and the Square Enix dedicated to other titles, behave as separate entities.

We recommend taking this information with a grain of salt even though it comes from a journalist from a medium with a long history of correct leaks. On the next games in the series, the first to become Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin, an action RPG prequel to the first Final Fantasy developed by Team Ninja for PC, Xbox and PlayStation. Later arrive Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis, an adaptation of the entire saga FFVII for mobiles. In spring of this year we will meet more than Final Fantasy XVI, the new delivery PlayStation 5 exclusive.

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