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Riot mistakenly announces Zeri, the new League of Legends champion

Riot Games has announced the new champion of League of Legends. The tab of voice, as this character is called from Zaun (the subterranean region where the Arcane), appeared momentarily in the official website dedicated to the universe of the game, but it was removed by developer after it began to circulate through networks and by other means, such as Polygon. Therefore, we do not know the release date of the champion, her abilities or her appearance in the game.

What we do have is the plot context the Riot team has given to Zeri, whose description fits an ADC character: “Zeri, a headstrong and energetic young woman from Zaun’s working class, channels her magia elctrica to charge herself and her pistol made to measure. His volatile power is a reflection of his emotions, and his sparks reflect his swift approach to life. “

“Zeri,” continues the official description, “deeply compassionate to others, she brings the love of her family and home to every fight. eager to help it can sometimes be counterproductive, Zeri believes that a truth is true: defend your community, and it will rise up with you. ” other related champion: Ekko, also hailing from Zaun and playing an important role in the Netflix and Riot animated series that has revolutionized the industry.

The changes that will come to LoL in 2022

While we wait for official information about Zeri, what we do know are the Riot Games plans for their MOBA throughout this year. This January 5 the first patch with changes to Teleport and the inclusion of various flowers of the fortune teller. In other updates there will be changes in items for the fighters and in some champions among which are Janna y Ahri.

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