Wednesday, December 7

Pokémon GO confirms the details of the Mountains of Power event

The next episode in the Legacy Season story of Pokmon GO, inspired by Leyendas Pokmon Arceus, start this Friday, January 7. The Power Mountains event allow you to get Pokémon of different species and access various bonuses, but it stands out especially because it gives Trainers the opportunity to get hold of Mega Aerodactyl.

The Mountains of Power event will be available from January 7 at 10:00 (local time) until january13 at 20:00. There will be a temporary investigation focused on catching Pokémon, hatching eggs and earning Candy. Throughout the investigation the continuation of the story will be narrated, which the official website describes as follows:

Spark had a hunch that, to unlock the second lock on the mysterious door, the help of Rock and Steel type Pokémon will be necessary. To open the next lock, you will have to collaborate with Spark and go through some mountains similar to those of the Johto and Sinnoh regions“.

Mega Aerodactyl and other raids

That Pokémon of rock and steel is the Mega Aerodactyl (with the possibility of appearing in a varicolored form) that can be caught in the mega-incursions. In the rest of the raids the following Pokémon will appear:

  • One Star Raids: Geodude de Alola, Onix, Beldum y Bronzor.
  • Three-star raids: Ursaring, Donphan, Medicham and Absol.
  • Five Star Raids: Heatran.

As for encounters with wild Pokémon, for the first time you will be able to catch a Slugma variocolor. In addition to the fire-type Pokémon, Zubat, Machop, Geodude, Slugma, Nosepass, Barboach, and less frequently, Onix and Ferroseed will appear. When completing the field research tasks Geoude from Alola and Slugma will appear mainly, although it will also be possible to meet Mawile.

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Until the conclusion of the event on January 13 at 20:00 a bonus will be activated that allows Trainers to reduce to the half the distance needed to get hearts with his partner Pokémon. We remind you that next January 16 will take place on the first day of the community of the year, starring Spheal. On January 22 there will be another community day with Bulbasaur.

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