Friday, September 30

PlayStation Studios has 17 teams working on first-party games

Sony has held a press conference in the framework of CES 2022 dedicating a wide segment to PlayStation news; thanks to this we have been able to know new details of PlayStation VR 2 for PS5, the new Horizon Call of the Mountain for virtual reality, and what appears to be the first image of the remake from The Last of Us. In addition, Jim Ryan, head of the company, got on stage to talk about the current status of the PlayStation Studios seal, a brand that encompasses the developers first-party of the company.

During Ryan’s intervention, Geoff Keighley, responsible for The Game Awards and Summer Game Fest, has shared some of the most important details that the head of PlayStation has been saying. Among the most outstanding information we find the figure that 17 studies first-pary by PlayStation Studios are currently working on videogames for the company. Jim Ryan said these words while behind his back the logos of all these developers appeared.

What are those 17 studies?

A good part of the projects associated with each of these studies are public knowledge, such as the new open world franchise you work on Bend Studio, creators of Days Gone, or the new game of Bluepoint Games, which after the acquisition by Sony went to work on “original content.” Also appear Insomniac Games, which are simultaneously developing Marvel’s Wolverine Y Marvel’s Spiderman 2, Y Naughty Dog, which has “multiple video game projects” on the way.

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There are still some studios that we don’t know exactly what they are working on, and the image includes the logos of Nixxes y Valkyrie Entertainment, which are studies focused on technical support, but anyway this information makes it clear that PlayStation Studios is throwing all the meat on the spit to get a strong catalog for the next few years.

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