Friday, December 2

Novak Djokovic sends kisses and draws hearts to compatriots who approach his hotel




Ehe Park Hotel in Melbourne, a place reserved for refugees without papers or visas to be in Australia, has become a pilgrimage point for hundreds of Serbian fans who want to show their support for their compatriot Novak Djokovic in these difficult times.

The world number one has been withheld since Friday night for not having presented the necessary documentation to successfully pass the control at the customs of the Tullamarine airport in the capital of Victoria.

Djokovic has been seen through one of the windows to thank his followers by blowing kisses and drawing hearts.

It should be remembered that the tennis player always sends love to the stands at the conclusion of all his matches that end in victory.

The tennis player is still without his wallet and a large part of his belongings that have been detained at the airport.

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