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No more delays! BABYLON’S FALL has already entered the Gold phase | Levelup

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PlatinumGames is very active and one of its big projects that will debut in 2022 is BABYLON’S FALL, a title that fans of the Japanese studio have had to wait many years to play. The title was originally scheduled to debut in 2019, but it ended up being delayed until 2022 and the good news is that there will be no more delays.

Square Enix, distributor of the project, carried out the first official transmission of the title and took the opportunity to confirm that the game has already entered the Gold phase, according to Gematsu, which means it is now ready to go into mass production.

The above also means that it is almost impossible for the game to be delayed, but that everything is in order for it to debut on March 3. However, the PlatinumGames developers are not finished, as while the game continues with its launch preparations, they will continue working on the day 1 patch, which will correct some inconsistencies in the launch game.

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BABYLON’S FALL show off new extended gameplay

Let’s also remember that BABYLON’S FALL Underpinning your gaming experience on a service model, PlatinumGames has post-launch content planned that it will continue to work on in subsequent months.

Additionally, Project Director Kenji Sato and Managing Director Takanao Sugiyama and creatives Isao Negishi and Junichi Ehara presented extensive new gameplay of the game running on PlayStation 5, which reveals exploration, cooperative play and a battle against a boss.

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You can find the gameplay starting at the 11:20 mark in the following video. Also, we leave you with a second video that promotes the title with a great dramatic sequence.

In case you missed it: PlatinumGames already fixed something fans hated the most about BABYLON’S FALL.

Are you looking forward to this PlatinumGames title? What did you think of the gameplay? Tell us in the comments.

BABYLON’S FALL It will debut on March 3 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. You can find more news related to him if you visit this page.

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