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Nintendo is leaving money on the table by not releasing the Mario Party Superstars DLC

Mario Party Superstars is based on content provided by the DLC, so Nintendo shouldn’t make the same mistake it did with Super Mario Party.

Mario Party It has been a staple of the Nintendo spin-off catalog and friend group gatherings since Nintendo 64. The series has gone through numerous iterations over the years, including a season in which its traditional board game structure was superseded. by players traveling linear tracks together. Fans expressed their disgust for this system that goes against the spirit of Mario Party previous titles, and luckily for them the two Switch inputs Super mario party Y Mario Party Superstars they have changed course.

Super mario party released in October 2018, offering fans a title with its own unique variety of boards and minigames. It was well received, although the lack of content left many wanting more. The game boards only supported local multiplayer until a free update allowed Super mario party owners are playing online in April 2021. This seemingly bizarre decision to add online functionality three years after launch may have been a test for Mario Party Superstars, which included the option at the launch in October 2021. Super stars is a game that leans more towards nostalgia than its predecessor, making it the perfect title to learn Super mario partyerrors when receiving extensive DLC support.

The irregular history of Nintendo Switch DLC

Post-launch support for Switch games has been mixed. La leyenda de Zelda: Breath of the Wild got two paid DLC packs with new items and story content, and similar things can be said Espada Pokemon Y Armor, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Y Super Smash Bros.Ultimate. Meanwhile, some titles have received free content, including sports games. Mario Tennis Aces Y Mario Golf: Super Rush. Mario-focused games in general have been good at this, with Super Mario Odyssey Receive free downloadable content like new outfits and Luigi’s Baloon World mode.

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However, in many cases, fans have said that post-launch support doesn’t go far enough for a game’s community to continue to thrive. Animal Crossing: New Horizons It is a curious case in this regard. The game became extremely popular amid the burgeoning COVID-19 pandemic, ever-present on social media sites like Twitter, and made its way to become the second best-selling game on Switch as of September 30, 2021, according to Nintendo Investor Relations. (IR) report. However, it did not receive any form of paid DLC until last November. Happy home paradise, leaving fans with a slow stream of holiday events and other content that largely only put the game on par with previous entries in the series.

How Mario Party superstars can hit the mark for Nintendo

Super mario party Not releasing major content updates, limiting its post-launch legacy to additions like online gambling, left a lot of money on the table. According to IR’s September 2021 report, Super mario party It is the seventh best-selling Switch title, having moved 16.48 million units, almost three million more than its second place Pokemon Come on, Pikachu! Y Come on, Eevee!. A steady stream of new boards could keep fans coming back and investing their savings, either through paid DLC or Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions to play with friends over the internet (eventually).

Arguably that game’s development pipeline could have been limited by the work of creating new content. Mario Party Superstars does not have that problem. It’s designed as a celebration of the franchise, one that remasters the plates from the three original N64s. Mario Party titles and see the return of fan-favorite minigames. DLC based on the GameCube or Wii era Mario Party Titles look like a shoe, something that would appeal to both nostalgic fans and young gamers who got the game during the 2021 holiday season.

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However, Nintendo has not mentioned plans to provide more support for Mario Party Superstars. It was the best-selling title in Japan for a few weeks after launch, and it was nominated for Best Family Game at The Game Awards 2021, so there is an audience to buy DLC if Nintendo offers a decent package. Rumors of an upcoming Nintendo Direct may offer the company a chance to announce big plans for its latest. Mario Party game in 2022, but after three months he should rush to ensure Super stars is still relevant.

Mario Party Superstars It is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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