Wednesday, December 7

Megalovania, the famous song of Undertale, sounds by surprise in the audience of the Pope

It is common for hearings of Pope Francis people from all over the world come to perform shows and performances in honor of the High Pontiff. Yesterday a circus group had that peculiar honor that performed a series of acrobatics to the rhythm of music, using both songs played with their own instruments and recordings of popular themes. The surprise came when suddenly they are Megalovania, the well-known song from the soundtrack of Undertale composed by Toby Fox.

As one of the acrobats in the group threw a roller with her feet, and at the same time as two other teammates juggled balls, Toby Fox’s song began to play in the background. If it is already curious to see a show of these characteristics in the Vatican, the situation becomes even more surreal when what plays in the background is a song from a video game as unique as Undertale. Can you see (and hear) the exact moment below:

Iron Maiden are also in the Pope’s audience

No one present seems to be the least bit surprised by Megalovania is playing in the pope’s audience, perhaps because a few minutes before (you can also see it in the video available on these lines) the circus group had used another song equal to or more inappropriate for the environment: the previous number was accompanied by an orchestral version of The Trooper, de Iron Maiden. After all, it seems that the song of Undertale It was not the weirdest thing of the day.

The most curious thing is that it is not the first time that Pope Francis has been unintentionally related to Undertale: in 2016, shortly after the premiere of this title, a youtuber I gave him a copy of the game de Toby Fox al sumo pontfice.

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