Saturday, November 26

Konami Releases Castlevania NFT Collection To Celebrate Its 35th Anniversary

Although the community has shown its disagreement with the NFT on more than one occasion, even leading to the cancellation of projects such as STALKER 2, more and more video game companies seem to be betting on jumping on the bandwagon of tokens non-expendable. Now it has been Konami that has announced that it will launch a series of limited virtual products to commemorate the 35 to of the saga Castlevania, which is one of the games that celebrate a special anniversary in 2022.

The company has opened a portal called ‘Konami Memorial NFT‘in which you have published the first list of NFT de Castlevania on the occasion of this 35th anniversary. It is Konami’s first foray into this world, but they say they will continue to “explore new developments and listen to player feedback after this initial collection.” The first collection will be composed of “game scenes, background music (BGM) and new images on the entire history of the series “and the auction will begin on January 12 at 11:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time).

Your name in Konami NFT Memory

Cada NFT tendr a single copy, although Konami reserves the right to sell more copies in the future, and in addition to songs and video clips with sections of the classic games, you will also be able to buy a original artwork in style pixel art drawn for this collection whose design is based on the Dracula Castle map that appears in the first game of the franchise. Those who purchase these NFTs will also receive the “privilege” of viewing their name reflected in Konami Memorial NFT, although only until December 31 of this year (date that can be extended or modified).

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Pixel art from Castlevania sold as NFT.

Konami is not the first video game company to enter the world of NFTs: others like Electronic Arts and Square Enix have already been shown in favor of this controversial technology, but above all it is Ubisoft that has supported it the most by launching its own tokens non-expendable in the form of skins for one of his video games. On the contrary, other companies such as Steam or Xbox have made clear their rejection to any type of use of the blockchain in video games.

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