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Insider assures that Bioshock 4 will not be exclusive to PlayStation 5 | Levelup

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Time passes and 2K Games, the studio responsible for Bioshock, still does not give news about the fourth installment of the franchise. Because of this, there are more and more rumors about what the game will offer and where it is going. If it was thought that it would be exclusive to PS5, an insider just said that it will not be.

BioShock 4 still doesn’t have a launch window

BioShock 4 (Unconfirmed name) This is the new and long-awaited installment of the saga that is being developed by the recently founded Cloud Chamber studio, and which still does not give us more information, so it has generated great expectations and several speculations.

One of them is that the title will be an exclusive to PlayStation 5, something that the insider Faizan Shaikh says is completely false and showed a LinkedIn profile of a former Cloud Chamber employee where it is taught that the title would also be for Xbox Series S / X.

Here you can see it:

As you can see, the tweet shows a screenshot of the LinkedIn account of an engineer (who worked in the study in charge of the game until October 2021), where it is indicated that BioShock 4 It is being developed for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S.

In addition to that data, there is talk that the project began with Unreal Engine 4 and was updated to Unreal Engine 5, and even that development began in September 2017, which suggests that the title would already be in advanced stages.

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Of course, all the information remains unofficial and we will have to wait until those responsible for this new installment of the saga can talk more about it.

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