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How?! They use Mario and Bowser to promote PlayStation 5 in China | Levelup

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Nintendo is home to super iconic franchises in the video game and entertainment industry in general. Super Mario is one of them and is so popular that it makes it possible for almost anyone to recognize characters like Mario or Bowser. Well, apparently some took advantage of this popularity to promote Sony consoles.

The quirky event took place in an establishment located in Guangzhou, China, and is more eye-catching because it happened at an official PlayStation store. Daniel Ahmad, an analyst at Niko Partners, took advantage of his Twitter account to inform the world of this curiosity.

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Mario and Bowser caught the attention of a PlayStation store in China

As you can see below, the store received as guests Mario and Bowser in the form of cardboard and not just any Mario and Bowser, but those who wear the gala attire, as they appear at the wedding of Super Mario Odyssey, right next to the balloon frame in Sony’s signature blue and white colors, and positioned in such a way as to invite people into the store.

It is unknown if Sony’s mascots will shake hands with Nintendo next week with the launch of the Nintendo Switch OLED. Naturally, Nintendo did not give permission for this and it is unknown who was in charge of making this joke … or maybe it is someone who genuinely does not know that Mario and Bowser do not belong to PlayStation.

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