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Horizon Forbidden West details its tribes and territories in new trailer

PlayStation Studios has released a new trailer for Horizon Forbidden West, the open world adventure that will arrive in just over a month on PS5 and PS4. This time, the video focuses on the different tribes with which Aloy will meet on her journey through the Forbidden West, as well as in the environments in which the different factions live. You can see it with Spanish dubbing below. Also, at the end of this news you will find a galley with three new images.

In the eastern part of the world of Horizon live the Oseram, a tribe of handymen, builders and revelers who protect the border. The King, with their great constructions, they protect their confines from what may be in the Forbidden West. The Utaru They live in Cantollano, a territory gripped by the red plague that threatens to destroy the natural cycle of life and death.

In the western part live the Tenakth, the union of three clans with cultures and behaviors as different as the places from which they come: deserts, swampy forests and snow-capped mountains. They have reached a truce, a fragile peace, to fight a common enemy: Regalla and his followers. However, the trailer anticipates a fifth foreign faccin even more dangerous and mysterious.

The saga Horizon continue after the sequel

Horizon Forbidden West be available on February 18 for PS5 and PS4. Although all the videos and most of the images shown so far correspond to the version of the latest generation console, from Guerrilla Games they shared several screenshots from the PlayStation 4 edition a few days ago.

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In other news about Horizon, Sony announces at CES 2022 Horizon Call of the Mountain for PlayStation VR2, the virtual reality headset for PlayStation 5 coming soon. The first-person adventure developed by Guerrilla and Firesprite puts players in the shoes of a character other than Aloy.

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