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Hideo Kojima Says He’s Working On A Triple-A Title Everyone Will Want To Play | Levelup

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Hideo Kojima is one of the most active and successful video game creatives in the industry. It is because of the above that there is great expectation around their next games. Although we do not know many details about these projects, the famous developer already anticipated that he is creating a title that everyone will want to play.

The new year is just beginning and Hideo Kojima is already giving a lot to talk about. A few days ago the creative hinted that he would be working on 2 games and that one of them would seek to blur the line that divides the entertainment media and would be radical.

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Everyone will want to play Kojima Productions’ new game

The leader and founder of Kojima Productions appeared on a special program of NHK Radio focused on video game music and the interesting thing is that he took the opportunity to share new details about the projects that Kojima Productions has in development.

The most talked-about detail is that Kojima mentioned that one of the studio’s projects is “a great AAA title that everyone will say they want to play,” according to a translation by Twitter user Genki_JPN. Likewise, the creative said that he wants to do a smaller project that is neither open world nor first-person shooting (FPS).

A top Kojima Productions artist, Yoji Shinkawa, anticipated in 2021 that one of the studio’s new games would be revealed very soon, but for some reason, months later, it has yet to be announced.

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As we mentioned, Kojima Productions opened a new division in Los Angeles to work on multimedia projects, one of Kojima’s dreams, and in the interview the creative said that the studio “is working on things like drama, films and anime.”

However, Kojima confessed that, due to the pandemic, he does not have as many employees as he would like, as he has had problems recruiting new staff.

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