Friday, September 30

Developer Angry Over App Approval, Apple Responds

The simple method in which Apple approves, rejects, publishes and unpublishes applications for the App Store is nothing new – most developers and consumers know that there is something fishy about the whole process. The controversy, in fact, has drawn the attention of the FCC in regards to the rejections of Google Voice and similar applications. Even last week, developer Daring Fireball lashed out at Apple for rejecting a dictionary app.

According to the Unofficial Apple Weblog, the latest developer to complain is Steven Frank, co-founder of Mac developer Panic. Angered by the Google Voice rejections, Frank declared his intentions to boycott the iPhone entirely until Apple corrects the issue with the App Store approval process (although the company is not currently an iPhone developer). Frank expressed his frustrations by posting his feelings. here.

“My position is not that all applications should be approved, it is that rejected applications should be rejected for reasons that, at least, make logical and consistent sense, with no rejection notices from junk form letters that explain nothing, and with at least some kind of guidance available to the developer on how to fix the problem rather than tackle them with a brick wall, “Frank said on his blog.

However, over the weekend, Frank received an email response from Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide product marketing, Phil Schiller. Frank said he did not have Schiller’s permission to republish the letter, but he summarizes in this blog that Apple is “listening to your feedback.” Schiller said the company was absorbing all the suggested viable solutions provided by developers as the company continues to “evolve” the App Store.

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