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Days Gone has sold more than 9 million units according to its director

Days Gone it has been a sales success, and despite this, the sequel does not materialize. At least in the near future. Jeff Ross, Game Director of the 2019 title released for PlayStation 4, announced on Twitter that the open-world survival action adventure had sold out more than eight million before his departure from Sony, to which we must add more than an additional million for the Steam version launched in May 2021.

Ross left Bend Studio at the end of 2019 with John Garvin, Creative Director, but the news didn’t break until the end of 2020. “The moment I left Sony, Days Gone wore published for a year and a half (and a month), and it sold more than 8 million copies, “says Ross on Twitter.”Since my departure he has sold more, and then more than a million on Steam, “he adds. In a later tweet he clarifies that those figures do not include title downloads when offered with PlayStation Plus in April 2021 and as part of the PS Plus Collection on PlayStation 5.

The game director assures that the “local directors of the study” made it seem like the game “was a huge disappointment” vis-à-vis the rest of the Bend Studios employees. The middle Bloomberg I discovered in April of last year that Sony denied developers to make a sequelA decision in which Shawn Layden, president of the North American division of Sony Interactive Entertainment until 2019, had nothing to do with it, according to Ross.

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Ross criticizes that they did not give the green light to the sequel

Asked about that Days Gone 2 on Twitter, Ross says: “I was planning to build on the original for a creble. Even the first Killzone got a 70 on Metacritic [Days Gone tiene un 71], but the sequel got a 91 “. The developer refers to previous statements by John Garvin where he stated that the Scoring from the note aggregator “is everything” for Sony when giving the green light to new projects. “You have to crawl before you can walk, and walk before you can run,” Ross concludes.

Bend Studio has not officially announced its new project. From the job offers we know that it is an open world game with a multiplayer mode of one new intellectual property. Ross, who has also denied online that Bend Studio would force them to participate in projects they did not want (the information from Bloomberg talked about how they supported Naughty Dog in a multiplayer game for a time and worked on a new Uncharted), it responds to a user saying: “Maybe there are better managers there now”. Ross answers him with a brief: Nope.

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