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Create a mod to play as Bowser Jr. in Mario Party Superstars | Levelup

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Mario Party Superstars It has become one of the best options for challenges with friends. Since its launch, it offers a huge number of mini-games that allow you to show your skills with up to 10 characters. But if you think they are not enough, a mod just added one more: Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr. arrives as a mod to liven up the party

This latest installment of the saga was released last October and continues to allow all Switch users to put together good games on different boards, which were seen for the first time on the Nintendo 64.

However, one of the complaints Nintendo has received about its game is that Mario Party Superstars could have included more playable characters. Because of this, they just created a mod that now allows you to end your friendships using Bowser Jr.

Here you can see it:

As you can see, this impressive work was done by modder Sgt. Spike, who managed to add Bowser Jr. to the Nintendo title with a good performance, various animations and even clips of his voice.

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It should be mentioned that this mod can be used when replacing Mario, Daisy or Birdo, and according to its creator some details still need to be refined, so it continues to fix each of its aspects.

What do you think of the Bowser Jr. mod? Tell us in the comments.

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