Tuesday, November 29

Could Horizon Call of the Mountain make it to Oculus Quest 2? This is how an analyst drops it

Sony participated in CES 2022 to show, among other things, new details of PlayStation VR 2, the headset virtual reality for PS5. It also surprised by unveiling the first game for the new device, a joint development between Guerrilla Games and Firesprite, the studio specializing in virtual reality that Sony acquired last September, which will be the first game of this new version of the PlayStation VR glasses.

We talk about Horizon Call of the Mountain, a game that until now we have talked about as the first great exclusive of PlayStation VR 2; but could it also reach other platforms? At least that is how analyst Mat Piscatella has dropped it, who has hinted on his personal Twitter account that this interactive virtual reality experience could also reach Oculus Quest 2, the headset without cables from Meta (a company formerly known as Facebook).

Horizon Call of the Mountain in Oculus Quest 2?

“[Oculus] Quest 2 had a great last quarter, and there are many good things on the horizon … (on the horizon [Horizon]. Get it. Yeah) “, says Piscatella in the first tweet of a thread about possible 2022 predictions related to an article by GamesIndustry He claims to believe that this year virtual reality will gain a foothold in the market and go from being a niche product to a mass one. In any case, the idea that drops in that message is that Horizon Call of the Mountain could come to Oculus Quest 2 in addition to PlayStation VR 2, although at the moment it is something not officially confirmed.

Nor is it especially strange that such an experience can reach PC virtual reality glasses, especially considering that Horizon: Zero Dawn, the first game in the Guerrilla Games saga, arrived on PC in August of last year. Considering that it is “a unique experience has been designed to take technology, innovation and gameplayAccording to those responsible, they may want to breastfeed on more platforms. Even so, these are still hints that are not officially confirmed.


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