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Best CES 2022 TVs so far: LG, Samsung, Sony, TCL and more

This year’s best TVs will be announced at CES 2022. LG, Samsung, Sony, TCL and Hisense have launched their latest home entertainment lines, giving customers dozens of new equipment to consider.

The best TVs of CES 2022 so far span all sizes and technologies, from the first 42-inch OLED TV to a 98-inch Mini LED screen for less than $ 8,000. MicroLED, QD-OLED, OLED evo, and Neo QLED are all represented, making this one of the most competitive roundups of TV innovation we can remember. OLED is no longer the only panel worth getting excited about.

All the best TV brands are also emphasizing smart features and gaming in 2022, making it easier to find content and optimizing the experience of browsing the game when you connect your next-generation console. From combo gaming settings menus to 144Hz refresh rates, there has never been a better case for gaming through a television rather than a gaming monitor.

While pricing and availability information is limited for the following devices, we still know a lot to mention the pioneers of CES 2022 TV. Here are the best TVs from CES 2022 so far.

LG G2 with OLED evo G (97-inch)

(Image credit: LG)

Does anyone want a 97-inch OLED? The LG G2 Gallery series with OLED evo G introduces the company’s largest OLED TV. Perched on the top shelf, the G2 follows the Television LG G1 OLED We reviewed last year with an upgraded OLED evo. The G2 has a dedicated heat dissipation technology that allows the panels to get brighter without causing the dreaded OLED burnout.

The LG G2 OLED will retain the beautifully slender chassis and near-bezel-less effect of the Gallery series, designed for flush mounting on the wall for an art museum. Better yet, the set can be transformed into a digital art display with an elevated ambient mode. And just like the other LG 2022 TVs, the LG G2 OLED TV comes with 7.1.2ch sound, a full set of HDMI 2.1 ports, and the latest upscaling Alpha 9 Gen 5 4K processor.

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LG C2 OLED TV (42 inches)

(Image credit: future)

At the other end of the size spectrum, the 42-inch LG C2 OLED TV is the company’s smallest OLED panel. The new OLED size option bridges the gap between your TV and your gaming monitor, providing a setup that’s just as suitable for watching movies as it is to pair with your game console.

Although the LG C2 OLED will skip the OLED evo panel coming to the larger sizes of the C2 series, it does get all the new gaming features. LG’s Game Optimizer menu improves in 2022 with a dark room mode to help with eye health during long hours of gaming in low-light conditions. A sports games preset will also join the FPS, RPG, and other presets from the Game Optimizer. And LG continues to support Nvidia GSync, Nvidia GeForce Now beta, AMD FreeSync, and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR).

Samsung MicroLED TV (89 inches)

(Image credit: Samsung)

It wouldn’t be CES with a new Samsung MicroLED TV. Size is also the great story of MicroLED, now it comes in a configuration that could really fit in your living room. The new 89-inch MicroLED TV will use micrometer-scale LED pixels to deliver a 4K picture with precision illumination and unbeatable color. MicroLED offers many of the same OLED benefits, such as true blacks and pixel-level lighting, while promising even better color and longevity.

Compared to all Samsung 2022 TV technologies, the Samsung MicroLED 2022 display promises enhanced audio experiences with Dolby Atmos support and Object Tracking Sound Pro, which projects audio to match the movement of the on-screen action. Samsung’s new MicroLED TV also claims to have no bezel.

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Samsung The Frame con Neo QLED

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung’s line of lifestyle TVs can be hit or miss, but the flagship model The Frame remained popular enough to get a major update this year. Not only does it come with the Neo QLED panel released in 2021, but it features a new anti-glare matte screen that should make you forget it’s a TV, not a framed work of art, when on standby. Frame 2022 should also enhance the illusion of paper and canvas textures expected of real art, camouflaging television with masterpieces that rival museums.

Of course, The Frame 2022 is not just an artistic frame, but a full-featured Samsung smart TV, with all the apps and services of a standard 4K Samsung TV. It comes in sizes ranging from 32 to 85 inches.


(Image credit: Sony)

Sony is challenging Samsung with its own QD-OLED TV in the Sony 2022 line of TVs that is preparing to hit the market. Thanks to XR Triluminos Max color processing, Sony claims that the Sony A95K QD-OLED can display the full spectrum of colors even in the brightest scenes by eliminating the need to incorporate a white phosphor layer. Improved color diffusion also benefits out-of-angle vision. Think of it as an OLED-based RGB display, although we are interested in comparing OLED and QD-OLED side by side to determine any noticeable differences.

The A95K has multiple positioning options with a versatile stand, plus support for Sony Bravia Cam and 4 HDMI ports (2 of which are HDMI 2.1). This set also ships with VRR out of the box and supports 4K gaming at 120Hz refresh rates. .

TCL XL Collection QLED TV (98-inch)

(Image credit: TCL)

The 98-inch TCL XL Collection QLED TV is among the few best TVs from CES 2022 for which we have pricing information. The company said the huge television will cost less than $ 8,000. That’s not cheap by any means, but it should be more affordable than the giant sets of TCL’s more sophisticated competitors. When it comes to bringing the theater experience into your living room, the TCL XL Collection continues to deliver.

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TCL hasn’t released much in terms of specs, but we do know that it has four HDMI ports and will run Google TV. Last year we witnessed TCL launch the first TV with integrated Google TV, but suffered some software problems with the first wave of Google TV Series 5 and Series 6 models. But having implemented a fix, TCL does not let the problem stop plans to expand Google TV to the most exciting TV in its line. .

Mini televisor LED Hisense U8H

(Image credit: Hisense)

The Hisense U8H Mini LED TV features mini-LED backlighting, which means expanded local dimming control for deeper blacks and richer HDR colors. Update the Hisense U8G Android TV with better brightness (presumably) and will feature IMAX Enhanced and FilmMaker modes. Hisense’s U8 series hits a sweet spot for price and performance, so we’re definitely curious how much the new 75-inch screen size option will cost. It will probably be the best TV of CES 2022 that comes in a great option that you can really afford.

What else? Like other top-tier Hisense 2022 TVs, the U8H will feature quantum dot technology, HDR10 +, Dolby Vision, Dolby Vision IQ, and Game Mode Pro, a feature that aims to reduce input latency. Hisense joins TCL to power teams with Google TV smart TV software, which should elevate the Android TV experience we expect from Hisense TVs.

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