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Bachelorette party: Trista Sutter rings in the new year amid Ryan’s health concerns

Bachelorette alum Trista Sutter shares a message with her followers as she moves forward to 2022 and looks back on 2021.

High school Student Trista Sutter shares a message with her followers as she moves into 2022 and looks back on what 2021 has been like for her and her family. Trista first appeared in The Bachelor season 1, and then appeared in High school where she met her husband Ryan Sutter, who has recently been suffering from an undiagnosed illness. After a particularly rough couple of years for the couple, Trisha offers an update on how she feels about the future.

Trista met Ryan at High school season 1. While High school Going to have 17 seasons, Ryan and Trista remain one of the few couples to have stayed together after being on the show. While the couple have spent almost 20 happy years together, Trista recently revealed that their family was going through a difficult time as Ryan had been struggling as a result of unknown health issues. In 2020, Trista shared that the couple had been searching for answers about Ryan’s illness for months, and although the couple were unable to receive a full diagnosis, doctors ruled out the possibility of cancer for Ryan.

As the year 2021 came to a close, Trista explained that he has an optimistic outlook for the future despite recent circumstances. December 31st Sad shared several photos of her and her family on Instagram, telling her followers that she is going home from vacation in a better state than she entered, saying that it is“Leaving Florida with a sense of peace, gratitude, motivation, and much-needed family.” Trista explains that although 2021 has been difficult for her, she has recently been in a good place, saying “2021 was not my favorite year, but the last week was one of the favorites.”

She also adds that she is hopeful for positive experiences in the future and is grateful for many of her loved ones, saying “Looking forward to the new year, grateful for true friends, my insightful husband, our beautiful growing children, and the adventures that give my spirit (and skin!) A jolt of joy.” Labeled Trista “My new favorite place” as the location of the photo set. First Bachelorette party He also included various hashtags related to future travel, his two sons, and the new year.

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While things haven’t always been perfect for Trista and Ryan since their appearance on High school, Trista seems to have consistently maintained a positive attitude and has often expressed that she is grateful for all the good things in her life. The loving couple have shared that they have had great gratitude for each other over the years. In addition to having always been transparent with the fans of High school Y The Bachelor About various aspects of her personal life, including Ryan’s recent health issues, Trista has also been open about her and Ryan’s experiences in The Bachelorette party, leading the original Bachelorette party couple has become a fan favorite. Fans of the happy couple will likely be happy to see that Trista and her family are doing well even despite their recent hardships.

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