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Apex Legends Exploit Lets Rampart Players Access Loot Vaults Without a Key

An Apex Legends player discovers an exploit in World’s Edge that allows Rampart players to access high-level loot in the vaults without a key.

Season 11 of Apex Legends it is more than halfway there, which means the game is currently in the second qualifying division of the season. Along with a partial reset of player rankings, battle royale ranked play has swapped the new Storm Point map for the popular World’s Edge. Recently, a fan discovered an exploit that made it easy to collect high-level loot from various locations on this map.

Apex Legends Includes 3 maps, each with unique features to help differentiate them. In World’s Edge, one of these features is Loot Vaults. With 3 locations spread across the map, these vaults contain valuable items. Some of the loot found in these locations includes gold gear such as Backpacks, Evo Shields, and Knockdown Shields. Unsurprisingly, these loot vaults can give squads a potential advantage during firefights, which means accessing them is a high priority.

Recently, a gamer known as rossbobsquirrel on TikTok found a way to access loot vaults without a key by playing Turret Legend Rampart. In a video shared by the player, they revealed the steps required to perform the exploit. Players must first look out of the vault and place Shelia as close to the door as possible. According to the player, the next step is to place 2 amped decks in front of the deployable turret, along with 2 more on the sides.

Once these setup steps are completed, Rossbobsquirrel pointed out that players need to jump into the turret. Once on the weapon, players must hold down the analog stick on a controller or press S on a keyboard. While continuing to press or S, players must jump off the turret. Dismounting from the machine gun should cause the player to recover and break inside the vault door, giving them access to the loot inside.

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For those wondering if there is a way to get out of the vault using the rift, players can use Rampart’s Shelia in conjunction with Revenant’s Death Totem ability. Using the last of the drill, a player can activate death protection before entering the vault. Once inside, they can quickly collect the loot they need and then damage themselves with grenades to be sent back to the totem outside the room.

It will be interesting to see the response from the Respawn Entertainment developers regarding this exploit. This glitch offers a convenient way for some players to obtain valuable loot. However, it could be frustrating for other squads opening a loot vault only to find it already looted. Time will tell if this exploit is removed from Apex Legends.

Apex Legends It is available now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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