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A mistake! Xbox developer mode will not be disabled by Microsoft | Levelup

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The controversy was about to break out on Xbox and it is that user reports indicated that the developer mode, for which they had paid a fee, was deactivated without prior notice from their consoles. However, this was an error according to Jason Ronald, although what happened showed the use that some give to this function and that it is not exactly legal.

A scare for those who have installed emulators and pirated software on their Xbox

Through a post on his official Twitter account, Jason Ronald, Xbox’s director of program management, reported that Xbox did not disable developer mode for users’ consoles, be it Xbox One or Xbox Series X | S. According to Ronald, this was due to a maintenance process that caused the inactive accounts to be deactivated, but he assured that the Xbox team is already working to solve it as soon as possible.

However, what happened revealed the fear that existed among some members of the Xbox community. Initially, the idea of ​​developer mode is to have access to functions not present in the commercial version of the firmware to create from games or applications. An active Xbox account with developer mode registers this type of activity, but the detail in question is that this mode is also used to install Homebrew and console emulators on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, so it is suspected that the Inactive accounts use developer mode for this purpose.

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So far, this seems to be a false alarm for those who have taken advantage of their Xbox in this way, however, the expectation is that it will not be long before Microsoft sweeps away all applications that allow the installation of emulators and games on consoles.

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