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Without truce! Activision sues another site that sells hacks for Call of Duty | Levelup

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Activision declared war on cheaters and sites that sell hacks for Call of Duty for a long time. This has even generated some legal conflicts that have led to lawsuits, third-party site closures and the end of projects related to the development of undetectable traps.

Once again, the company made it clear that the heart will not be tempted when it comes to combating these types of practices, as it has just sued another site that distributes hacks to Warzone and more games from the popular franchise.

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Activision lashes out at cheating in Call of Duty

The company is now targeting EngineOwning, accused of unfair competition and distributing third-party software to cheat on Call of Duty: Warzone and others of his games. As a result, the site was sued in California for selling cheats and subscriptions to access tools to gain a head start on various titles.

As you can imagine, Activision wants EngineOwning to shut down its operations and stop offering hacks. The lawsuit explains that the German company is dedicated to developing, selling, distributing and promoting illegal tools for popular online games.

“[Activision] seeks to end the illegal conduct of an organization that distributes and sells numerous malicious software products for profit designed to allow the public to gain unfair competitive advantages, “says part of the lawsuit.

Activision decided to take action as EngineOwning prepares various types of traps to Overwatch. In addition, they have become one of the top sellers of cheats for Call of Duty.

EngineOwning doesn’t just offer individual hacks, it also sells subscriptions so players have access to cheats like aimbots, triggerbots, and radars. Ending all of this is also an important step for the Activision gaming community to stay active and not abandon the titles because of a bad experience with cheats.

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As of this writing, the case is still active, so we will have to wait for the authorities’ decision and whether Activision will be favored in this case.

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