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Why the Genshin Impact editor has changed on the Epic Games store

The Genshin Impact publisher on the Epic Games Store switched from myHoYo to Cognosphere. Here’s why the editor changed and what it means for the game.

Eagle eyes Impacto de Genshin fans quickly realized that Impacto de GenshinThe publisher of the Epic Games Store had switched from myHoYo, the game’s developer, to Cognosphere PTE. LIMITED. Impacto de Genshin was added to the Epic Games Store in early June 2021, but the change, announced by the game’s developer in late November 2021, surprised many players, leaving some concerned about what it could mean for the future of the game. play. As miHoYo was slow to announce the news, fans were confused when they saw Cognosphere in their transactions, with some Impacto de Genshin even gamers worry that their accounts have been hacked or scammed.

Fortunately, the change appears to have only one purpose: to facilitate more eligible payment options globally. miHoYo is registered in China, based in Shanghai, while Cognosphere is miHoYo’s new proxy publishing label registered in Singapore. Next title of miHoYo Themis Tears its editor was also upgraded to Cognosphere. Gaming companies often use Singapore as a location for proxy posting. Tencent recently circumvented India’s ban on TikTok and 58 other Chinese apps by publishing their titles under its Singapore-based proxy publishing company Proxima Beta, while Tencent’s headquarters are in Shenzhen, China.

In Youtube, Impacto de GenshinThe publisher’s name change was dramatized for content with clickbait headlines such as “el final de Genshin Impact” Y “miHoYo se retira de Genshin Impact”. In these videos, some speculated that the location of the new proxy publisher was outside of China to avoid regulation or censorship. However, this theory has not been supported by evidence and carries little weight as Impacto de Genshin It is still subject to regulations in the countries where the game is available, such as new regulations based on China’s recent changes in gaming laws. The change appears to focus solely on improving payment options for Impacto de Genshin fans around the world, especially in-game transactions made through the Epic Games Store.

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Genshin Impact Publisher ahora es Cognosphere en Epic Games Store

Much of the discourse around Impacto de GenshinThe publisher change on the Epic Games Store can be summed up in a post on the Impacto de Genshin subreddit per user Yamusauce. Although there were rumors that the game’s publisher change was due to reasons that were not publicized, they appear to be just rumors. The official publication of miHoYo described the reasons for the change, but it appears that many players did not see the ad posted on the miHoYo website, instead of Impacto de Genshinin the “Notice” area of ​​the game.

Impacto de GenshinThe publisher change on the Epic Games Store currently does not appear to be of concern to Genshin Impact fans. Players can continue to download Impacto de Genshin via the Epic Game Store with a free gift. However, it is clear that miHoYo could have announced the news in a better way. Reddit user The world is full of war Posted so other fans know that Cognosphere was a new proxy post tag for myHoYo. The comments were filled with relief Impacto de Genshin players who had seen charges under the publisher’s new name in their statements and were concerned. Clickbait and rumors seemed to spread faster than the truth, which was much less exciting: Impacto de GenshinThe publisher change will allow more players globally to transact in-game through the Epic Games Store.

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