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Watch out Tesla! Sony Announces Electric Car Division | Levelup

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Throughout its history, Sony has ventured into various industries, sometimes successfully and sometimes unsuccessfully. However, the company continues to bet on technology and innovation and this time it will do so in an unexpected sector, that of automobiles and is that during its presentation at CES 2022, the Japanese company announced its division specialized in manufacturing and sales. of electric cars.

Sony bets on the automotive industry

CES 2022 has already started and one of the big surprises came from Sony with the announcement of the Sony Mobility Inc division, which will be in charge of the manufacture and marketing of electric cars. As you will remember, in 2020 Sony surprised with the revelation of the VISION-S prototype, well, this year the company did the same with the presentation of the VISION-S 02 SUV prototype. Both models are outlined as the basis of this proposal, which wait, start soon.

The presentation was led by Sony President and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida, who highlighted the drive that motivated the company to dive right into the electric car industry: “the excitement we got after really showing the Vision-S encouraged us to further consider how we can bring creativity and technology to change the experience of moving from one place to another.This is our new Vision-S SUV. Vision-S has been developed on a basis of safety, adaptability and entertainment. Safety has been our number 1 priority in creating a comfortable mobility experience. “

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According to Yoshida, the creative foundation on which its electric cars will be built includes 40 sensors distributed throughout the vehicle to monitor safety. It also has customization options in terms of user interface and use of technology for each seat. In the same way, low latency 5G compatibility will be ensured, in addition to support for the cloud.

How about Sony’s entry into the automotive industry?

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