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Voices In My Head, lo nuevo de Corey Konieczka

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Unexpected Games has announced Voices in my Head, the new title designed by Corey Konieczka and which is the publisher’s second

Voices in my Head is a board game designed for 3 to 6 players, with a recommended age of 12 years and up, and with games of varying duration ranging from 60 to 120 minutes.

Voices In My Head is a completely unique experience, maintaining the imaginative narrative that Unexpected Games is known for. Instead of cracking codes, a player takes on the role of the prosecutor trying to convict the defendant, Guy, and send him to prison. All other players take on aspects of Guy’s personality, such as honesty or selfishness, trying to influence judgment. To win the game, each player must achieve his hidden objective.

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In each round, the prosecutor plays a judgment card to present evidence, call witnesses, or question Guy on the stand. Next, players try to control Guy’s actions by displaying control markers on a three-dimensional board representing his brain. These actions will influence the jury in different ways and ultimately determine whether Guy is freed or sent to prison.

Voices in my head, a crazy game of internal conflicts

«This game mixes some of my greatest passions into an experience that I have not seen before. My goal was to create an emerging narrative that players will remember for years. This crazy judgment will quickly get out of hand and will surely make you smile. “

From the prosecutor to the characters, everyone has a unique role in this unpredictable trial.

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The fight takes place both in the room and in Guy’s mind. Their focus and objectives will swing wildly as players take control of different regions of their minds. Even a small action like a yawn or wink at the wrong time can have drastic effects on judgment.

The prosecutor’s goal is that at the end of the game there are more jurors who think that Guy is guilty.

Each round begins with the prosecutor choosing a judgment card. These letters tell the development of the process, from the presentation of evidence to the call of witnesses.

Will your case be enough to influence the jury? Or maybe you have to question Guy on the stand and trick him into confessing his crime.

Voices in my head, take control and achieve your hidden goal to gamar

The other players take on different aspects of Guy’s personality, such as honesty or selfishness, and strive to fulfill your hidden goal.

Display the control markers in different regions of Guy’s brain using the unique 3D board. Do you want to choose how Guy answers a question on the bench? Deploy the marker in the speech region to ward off opposition and take control.

Each judgment letter presents a turning point in the court case. The way Guy reacts to these moments will place tokens on the juries to help or hinder your goal.

As Guy continues to testify, what impulses will you choose to control and how will you influence the jury’s opinion?

Voices in my head board game cover

Corey Konieczka is responsible for this novel title, the author has also participated in games such as Twilight Imperium, Star Wars: Imperial Assault, or Eldrich Horror and has been the creator of Star Wars: Rebellion and Battlestar Galactica, in addition to participating in its spin-off , unfathomable.

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Voices in my Head is the second title of Unexpected Games, the publisher created by the author after leaving Fantasy Flight Games. The first title, The Initiative, went on sale in Spanish last December 2021.

Voices in my head It will hit the market in its English edition in the first quarter of 2022, at a price yet to be confirmed. Despite not having a confirmed edition in Spanish, it is very likely that it will arrive in our country by the hand of Asmodee.

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