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Users report errors and problems with the Telmex Internet in Mexico | Levelup

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Do you have Telmex and are you having problems using your Internet connection? Relax, you are not the only individual who is suffering from this. In fact, in social networks, Telmex users have reported having problems using the Internet service.

Since around 12:00 PM, Mexico City time, different Telmex users have raised their voices to report that the Telmex service is failing. This has proven to be a real headache for thousands of people who use the Internet for work or school.

Apparently it is a problem with the DNS or a Telmex node. We say this since it does not seem to be a general problem of the service since several users say that they only have problems accessing certain sites and services. For example, there are those who claim that they can use Google and YouTube without problems, but that the rest of the Internet does not work or has problems.

Telmex’s problems (via Downdetector)

If you are having problems with Telmex we recommend that you try to change the DNS of the devices you are using. It is possible that this is the setting that allows everything to return to normal on your Internet connection.

It is worth mentioning that, so far, Telmex has not made any comments regarding Infinitum’s failures.

And you, are you having problems with Telmex? Tell us in the comments.

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