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Unstoppable! Nintendo confirms launch of Switch OLED in China | Levelup

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Switch is a monster in the console sector and its success has been thanks to the good decisions made by Nintendo. One of the great successes of the Japanese company has been to achieve the launch of the hybrid console in China, an ambitious market but full of particularities, however, thanks to an alliance with Tencent the system has been positioned and now it is looking for its new version do the same: the OLED Switch.

OLED switch is coming to China

Nintendo continues to enjoy success around the world and in China it is no exception as the market response for the hybrid console has been very good, so much so that it has motivated the Japanese company to take the next step with the launch of the OLED Switch. According to Daniel Ahmad, an analyst at Niko Partners, Nintendo and Tencent announced the launch of the Switch OLED in China for January 11 at a price of $ 407 USD, a little more expensive than the price it has in other markets.

As Daniel Ahmad points out, this move by Nintendo has stood out for its speed since just a few months ago the official debut of the OLED Switch took place worldwide. Likewise, the expectation is that the console will have a positive response from users and is that the standard model of Switch has sold more than 1 million units since its launch in 2019, however, this figure only accounts for sales Since the gray market in China has made it easier for players to buy an international version of the hybrid console and not the Tencent Nintendo Switch itself, its name in China, so that the success of the console in this market is more than assured.

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