Friday, December 9

Ubisoft +, the subscription game service, is coming soon to Xbox

Ubisoft has announced through its official Twitter account that Ubisoft+, your subscription game service, be available soon on Xbox consoles. It has not given a specific release date, but it has officially confirmed its arrival on Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One.

It is currently available on PC and Google Stadia, a cloud platform that can be accessed with a single monthly payment of 14.99 in Spain, that is, without the need to be a member of Stadia Pro. This opens the door to possible conjectures: is Ubisoft + integrated in some way in Xbox Game Pass or is it an additional subscription service?

Get built into Xbox Game Pass or as a standalone service?

Precisely in December 2020 they came to light rumors of a possible Ubisoft + integration in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, something similar to what already happened with EA Play. In fact, the Electronic Arts service is quite similar to that of Ubisoft, although it is true that the latter has more visible advantages than the first: with Ubisoft + we can play practically the entire company’s catalog, even its most recent releases, while with Electronic Arts we can only access a ten-hour test of their latest releases.

We will have to wait to see if Ubisoft + comes to Xbox as part of Game Pass or independently, but for now what we know for sure is that on January 20 Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to play for free. Rainbow Six Extraction, since being available from launch in this service. That same day I will also arrive Rainbow Six Siege to PC Game Pass, a platform on which it was not yet available.

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